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According to the European Drinking Water Directive, water intended for human consumption shall be wholesome and clean. Drinking water must be free from any microorganisms and parasites in numbers or concentrations, that constitute a potential danger to human health.

The Department Microbiology works on all microbiological aspects of drinking water form source to tap - including treatment, disinfection and risk management - in order to prevent any deterioration of the water quality and ensure the production of microbiologically safe drinking water.

In the following sections you will find more information on our work areas and research projects. Contact persons are available for your detailed questions.

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Dr. Beate Hambsch

Tel.: +49 721/9678-220
Fax +49 721/9678-101
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Christa Reimold de Matienzo

Tel.: +49(0)721/9678-221
Fax +49(0)721/9678-105
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