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Within the Analysis and Water Quality department more than 50 scientific and technical staff members deal with the determination of organic and inorganic trace pollutants in water and with the assessment of the quality of surface waters, groundwaters, raw waters, and drinking waters. Routine analyses on a multitude of parameters are complemented by comprehensive research activities. Key elements of the activities are chemical analyses for organic micro-pollutants and studies on the behaviour of these compounds in the environment and during drinking water preparation.

The analytical services are mainly provided for water utilities and authorities and focus on surface waters, ground waters and drinking waters. Additionally sediments, suspended matter and other solid materials are analysed for selected parameters. In the last decade, analysis of wastewater samples has significantly gained in importance.

The department is accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the physical, physical-chemical, chemical and organoleptic testing of drinking water, groundwater and surface water. The accreditation also covers the sampling of raw and drinking waters.

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