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During transportation from the waterworks to the consumer’s tap drinking water comes into contact with many different materials. Depending on the type of material, the water quality as well as the operating conditions changes in the material and / or influences on the water quality are caused.

Therefore corrosion department is dealing for decades with all issues related to corrosion in practical applications. The activities are not only limited to the drinking water and drinking water installations, but there are also issues related to technical water in facility management, and industrial processing plants. Amongst our clients in addition to drinking water companies, are facility management, public buildings, hotels and crafts as well as enterprises in shipbuilding, in paint, food, automotive and coating industry.

Another main working area is the investigation of new metallic materials in respect to long-term corrosion resistance as well as release of metals from these materials into drinking water. This is especially true for copper bonded materials and new metal alloys and coatings.

In the following sections you will find more information on our work areas and research projects. The persons named in each case are available for more detailed questions. You can find us at the waterwork Durlacher Wald in Karlsruhe.

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Ülkü Roßbach

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