TZW mapped as "Water Europe Living Lab"

Copyright: Water Europe, Brussels, 2019

In July 2019, "Water Europe" published the first edition of the "Atlas of the EU Water Oriented Living Labs". The TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser (German Water Centre) was identified in this atlas as "Water Living Lab" (WoLL) in Germany because it develops new planning tools and integrated water supply and wastewater concepts together with experts from various disciplines.

While the majority of the water-oriented Living Labs are located in Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain, TZW is one of the few Living Labs in Germany. The choice fell on TZW due to its project portfolio in the various areas of water management, stability, service offering and market position with a maturity level of 2.5 of max. 4. TZW was recognised as a unit working in close cooperation with large industrial customers, developing new ideas and having sound methods for extensive testing and validation. Various features were taken into account in the evaluation process. The main pillars were: Strategy and network value, market position, technological developments and services offered. Following a step-by-step selection process, a total of 105 water-oriented "Living Labs" were identified and included in the Water Europe WoLL Atlas.

The WoLLs are a key instrument for the implementation of Water Europe's vision "The Value of Water", in order to systematically promote innovations that are necessary for a smart water supply, for society and economy. The cooperation with Water Europe as WoLL of the German water suppliers means more visibility for the whole sector.

Water Europe is the Europe-wide, cross-member multi-stakeholder platform, recognised voice and promoter of water-related research, development and innovation in Europe.

Link to the Atlas of the European Water Oriented Living Labs

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