FIWARE4Water: Survey on digitalisation in the water sector

In June 2019, the EU project FIWARE4Water, which focuses on digitalisation in the water sector, was launched. TZW is a German partner within this project.

Platforms for online applications and for bundling and aggregating data play an important role in many industrial sectors. Many industries associate this with their future focus and digitalisation strategy. Opportunities and risks have been discussed in the water sector for some time. In addition to a self-assessment of the degree of digitalisation, the essential question is what benefits can arise for the water supply sector as a critical infrastructure through industry-specific platforms and which fields are of interest in the future.

In addition to the current activities of the sector, which are dedicated to the aspect of digitisation, TZW is involved in various national and international research projects in order to gather experience that can be used in particular for the establishment of a future industry-specific platform. These include the FIWARE4Water project, which is funded by the European Commission.

As part of this project, a survey is currently being conducted on the opportunities and risks of future applications. The questionnaire can be completed within 10 minutes and is divided into two independent parts. Part 1 aims to determine to what extent experiences with open source platforms already exist and what requirements and expectations are made on them. Part 2 aims to identify established and future fields of applications that lead to added value for the industry.

The questionnaires can be accessed via the following links:

Questionnaire Fiware4Water Part 1

Questionnaire Fiware4Water Part 2

We look forward to your participation.

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