Content impulses and personnel changes

24th meeting of the TZW board of trustees

The board of trustees of the TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser (German Water Centre) met on 11 July 2019 for its annual meeting in Karlsruhe. The members of the board of trustees hold leading positions in water supply companies, associations, universities and specialist authorities and advise TZW on its technical and scientific tasks.

In his activity report, Dr. Josef Klinger, CEO of TZW, focused on the positive development in 2018 and gave an outlook for 2019. "We want to remain true to our principles and continue to work competently, flexibly, innovatively and smartly for our customers and business partners", Dr. Klinger underlined and confirmed this claim with several projects. Together with partners from medium-sized businesses, TZW is working, for example, on an online recording of trace substances in the effluent of waste water treatment plants and on a new method for the reduction of nitrate in the inflow of drinking water wells. Research projects on innovative technologies such as membrane filtration or UV LEDs enable even more energy-efficient treatment in the waterworks.

The board of trustees then dealt with the effects of climate change on the water supply, the digitalisation strategy and the research focus on microplastics. The impulse lectures and the lively discussion showed that TZW is very close to current topics in the water industry and offers scientifically sound solutions that can be directly interlinked with the DVGW Water Impulse. TZW has developed sustainable structural concepts for water supply on behalf of the state of Baden-Württemberg together with the municipalities in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in order to be prepared for changing climate conditions. The digitalisation strategy at TZW takes into account the development of new products, research projects for data analysis and the introduction of digital tools to optimise internal work processes at TZW. In the research focus on microplastics, the scientists at TZW are developing an innovative method to examine water samples for microplastic particles that can be validated.

Dr.-Ing. Hermann Löhner of Fernwasserversorgung Franken was newly elected to the TZW board of trustees at the meeting. Dipl.-Ing. Johann-Martin Rogg from badenova AG and Dr. Peter Michalik from Fernwasserversorgung Elbaue-Ostharz GmbH as well as Prof. Dr. Rudolf Irmscher from Stadtwerke Heidelberg were confirmed in their position.

Further information on the board of trustees and the current list of members can be found here.