TZW newsletter: The latest findings on PFAS and their effects on the environment

In its newsletter No. 46 (04/2019), TZW provides brief information on its current projects and research activities. The editorial gives an overview of ongoing research projects into PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). TZW has been investigating this group of substances and its impact on the environment for many years. High performance technologies help to analytically record PFAS that could not be quantified to date and that were, in some cases unknown. TZW offers its expertise to companies, water suppliers and authorities.

The newsletter also covers:

  • Test centre: New testing standard DIN 19294 for UV disinfection devices with low pressure lamps
  • Technology: Adaptation of the water supply to climate change
  • Groundwater and soil: Risk assessment-based adjustment of sampling schedule
  • Distribution networks: ultrafiltration in drinking water installations
  • Micro and molecular biology: Molecular biological detection of denitrification
  • PR: TZW has a new website

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