Microbiological measurement programme of the IAWR

Sampling sites in the Rhine catchment area

The Rhine is a key resource for drinking water supply. The waterworks on the Rhine river use the bank filtrate to supply approx. 30 million people with drinking water. Both the chemical and hygienic microbiological water quality is monitored on a regular basis.

Evaluation of the IAWR microbiological measurement programme

Since June 1997, a measurement programme devised by the IAWR biologist group was undertaken to determine the hygienic water quality in the Rhine catchment area. Many member companies of the AWBR (Association of Waterworks – Lake Constance/Rhine), ARW (Association of Rhine Waterworks) and RIWA (Association of River Water Companies) took part in the measurement programme. In addition, TZW and the State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg (LUBW) are also carrying out investigations at measurement points on the Rhine in the AWBR region. The investigations include the determination of the microbiological parameters E. coli, coliform bacteria, enterococci, Clostridium perfringens, somatic coliphages and colony counts and are performed locally every four weeks on random samples by the various member companies or their contracted laboratories.

The data is regularly evaluated.



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