Water Enhanced Resource Planning (WatERP)

"Where water supply meets demand"

Connecting electricity and water is essential to operate water management plants efficiently and protect resources. The EU research project WatERP (2012 – 2015) sets out to achieve this using a software platform developed to give water suppliers an intelligent tool.

The expansion of renewable energy sources according to the planning horizon of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act is well underway. Expanding renewable energy sources increases the need for energy networking, and this also applies to the water sector. The EU research project WatERP (funded in the framework programme FP7 of the European Commission) aimed on developing a decision-making support system for the water industry. By intelligently connecting data from sensors and water suppliers, algorithms are used to provide users with information via a separate learning system. The software was tested at two different water supply companies. Due to water shortages, the efficient water distribution to various stakeholders should be secured in the Spanish test region (ACA = raw water management for the Barcelona region). In Germany, the objective was to enable efficient water distribution in the supply network while keeping energy consumption as low as possible. Hourly short-term forecasts of the water demand determined intelligent, energetically efficient pumping schedules for the following day. The software was integrated in the Karlsruhe public utility company, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, to facilitate optimisation potentials.



Martin, T.;  Korth, A.; Kühlers, D.; Abecker, A.: EU research project “WatERP” Water Enhanced Resource Planning. DVGW energie|wasser-praxis 07-08/2014, 92-95 (2014)