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Dr. Josef Klinger

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The headline for the first news in this issue "globally networked and locally active" is part of our mission statement and could also stand above large parts of TZW's work. The IWA World Water Congress and the board meeting of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) recently took place in Copenhagen. I had many inspiring discussions there, got new impulses and have realised that our work at TZW is at the pulse of the time. By collaborating in consulting and research projects with European and worldwide partners, by participating in international conferences or by actively contributing to networks of water professionals, we gather comprehensive know-how on current trends and developments in water research. We make this knowledge available to our customers and partners from the German water supply sector in a variety of forms. This transfer from research to practice is very important to us.

In this issue we have selected the topics of risk management, antibiotic resistance in the aquatic environment and the EU ZeroPM project on persistent and mobile substances, all of which are highly relevant nationally and internationally.

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Dr. Josef Klinger

Global networks and local actions for the protection and safety of water resources

TZW is always working on innovative research projects which deal with current aspects of risk management. In June 2022, specialists from TZW presented their work on the protection of groundwater resources, risk assessment for complex dam systems, and tools for risk management in water supply systems at an international conference: Leading experts of global water management met at the IWA Water Safety Conference in Norway. The practical experiences of TZW were met with great interest, and our experts took away excellent impulses for their work with German water suppliers. 


The "silent pandemic" - research on antibiotic resistance at TZW

The increase in antibiotic resistance has been termed a "silent pandemic" by the World Health Organization (WHO). The long-standing and extensive use of antibiotics has favoured the formation and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes not only in the clinical setting but also in the aquatic environment. For this reason, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes are increasingly discussed as new parameters for assessing hygienic water quality. TZW has many years of experience in the detection of antibiotic resistance in the environment through a number of completed and ongoing research projects. In this article we present a recently completed project and its results.


ZeroPM: New technical solutions for PFAS removal

How can we efficiently and sustainably remove persistent and mobile environmental chemicals such as PFCs or PFASs from water? In the EU project ZeroPM, 15 European partners are conducting comprehensive studies on these so-called PM substances. TZW is involved and is specifically dedicated to experimental studies on the removal of short-chain PFAS and other PM substances from water. An innovative process combination of activated carbon filtration and ion exchange will be used. A video (link to youtube) and the website provide further information and insights.


News in brief from TZW

New project: Faster analysis of industrial process waters for zinc content

The aim of the project is to develop an at-line measurement method for analysing the total zinc content in process waters from steel production and galvanic surface treatment (galvanizing). The research work is intended to create the conditions for safe compliance with the wastewater discharge limits for total zinc. More information

Registration for the 27th TZW Kolloquium started

At the 27th TZW Kolloquium (in German) on 30.11.22 from 9:30 to 12:00, experts will report on current projects on risk management and resilience, new parameters in the Drinking Water Ordinance, areas of application for the MALDI-TOF, non-target screening, flexibilisation of the calibration period for water meters and the post-treatment of drinking water in drinking water installations. As in the two previous years, the TZW Kolloquium will take place as a half-day online event. The direct link to the programme and online registration here.

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