Chemical analysis of water and sediment samples from the Schussen and Argen rivers

Schussen below the Langwiese waste water treatment plant

The overall aim of the joint project was to create a scientifically founded concept for an integrated approach to waste water and rain water treatment in river catchment areas. This should reduce the entry of micropollutants and bacteria (incl. antibiotic-resistant bacteria) in waste water treatment plants effluents and combined sewer overflows and contribute to the risk management of new pollutants and pathogens in surface water.

In the sub-project, cutting-edge methods of analysis were used to investigate the chemical nature of waste water, mixed water, river water samples, sediments and fish tissues. The chemical analyses helped to determine the direct impact of further sewage treatment on water quality and obtain indications of the causes and correlations in the bioassays.

Waste water treatment plants, combined sewer overflow and receiving waters were chemically analysed at regular intervals. The broad range of micropollutants being analysed was based on the latest results on the pollution of the Schussen river. When matching these micropollutants to biological test methods, particular importance was given to endocrine disruptors and antibiotic active ingredients. The sensitivity of the analytical technique was further increased for endocrine disruptors to make it possible to explain the effects determined in the biological test methods to a satisfactory level.


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