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TZW’s comprehensive research activities and practical experience form the basis of solutions and concepts for all areas of national and international water management issues. These range from resource protection to water catchment and treatment to the water supplying consumers' taps. About 200 highly qualified staff members cooperate closely with water utilities, companies, expert authorities, and universities. TZW supplies reliable figures, data and facts, and creates solutions for a sustainable water supply. Part of DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, TZW is a non-profit and independent institution.

A quicker way to track down enterococci

The video offers insights into the work of the microbiologists at TZW.

It focuses on a research project entitled “Enterococci in drinking water systems”. In the DVGW-funded project, scientists at TZW used a new method to identify enterococci quicker using the MALDI-TOF spectrometer in order to identify possible contamination causes.