Innovative solutions

Successful consulting is competent and cooperative. The optimum and innovative solutions we devise for our customers are based on this principle. Our work encompasses the entire water cycle. Founded in current research results, technical rules and practical experience, our flexible and highly qualified teams deliver comprehensive, future-oriented responses to our customers’ challenges. As a non-profit and independent institution, we focus on technical and economically sustainable solutions.


Water analysis

Here you will find our range of services on physical-chemical and microbiological water testing in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance, individually tailored monitoring programmes and other statutory requirements as well as information on the latest micropollutants analytics using our cutting-edge analysis equipment in our accredited laboratories.


Testing of materials and products

Our Test Centre is accredited for more than 200 different product standards according to DIN EN ISO 17025 and offers preliminary testing of materials and products that come into contact with drinking water. Corrosion can cause damage to water supply systems. We have in-depth specialist knowledge on this topic and can conduct damage analysis on your behalf.


Treatment technologies

For our customers’ drinking water supply we develop structural concepts for the future and implement new technologies. We also advise you on monitoring existing treatment processes and optimising them in line with the latest research findings.


Micropollutants and microorganisms

Trace analytical methods are becoming increasingly important. We develop and improve the determination procedures using high resolution equipment. Combined with lab and field trials, this enables us to investigate the presence, behaviour and retention of inorganic and organic micropollutants in the water cycle and in drinking water treatment.


Network management and drinking water installation

Our experts provide advice on the topics of microbiological quality changes, corrosion-induced deposit formation, and cleaning and optimising the operation of distribution networks. We provide you with the scientific and technical support you require when carrying out rehabilitation work in drinking water installations.  

Risk management

Water supply companies are required to implement a Water Safety Plan. You have our full support when setting up such a risk-based, process-orientated management system. Our experts are involved in many national and international research projects and have extensive knowledge on this topic.


Contaminated sites

Soils and groundwater can be affected by contaminated sites. We evaluate the decomposition potential at contaminated locations. Natural biological degradation processes in the underground provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable way of eliminating pollutants from the environment. Our customised concepts combine both microbiological and technical procedures.