Disinfection of drinking water installations

Drinking water heating system

The aim of the DVGW-funded research project was to demonstrate the possibilities and limits of disinfecting drinking water in drinking water installations based on specific case studies and to use this to draft recommendations for use.

As part of the project, five facilities were studied in which disinfection plants were used by participating companies. The operating data from another five facilities with continuous disinfectant dosing in the drinking water installation was also evaluated.

Using the results of the investigations, recommended actions were derived on the use of disinfection in the drinking water installation, which formed the basis for installation No. 08 of the DVGW project “Vorübergehende Desinfektion des Trinkwassers in kontaminierten Trinkwasserinstallationen” (temporary disinfection of drinking water in contaminated drinking water installations).

  • Continuous disinfectant dosing cannot replace the rehabilitation of the installation in the event of Legionella contamination.
  • The dosage of chemical disinfectant in hot water applications is useful if the temperature in the contaminated system is too low and cannot be increased temporarily. In this case, it is expected that dosing with disinfectant will reduce pollution with the achievable effect influenced by the system conditions and the disinfectant concentration.

Ensuring circulation in all risers in the installation is critical to the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Adjustment is required. It may also be beneficial to effectively clean the installation by subsequently disinfecting the plant.



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