SinoGerman collaboration for clean drinking water from the source to the consumer (SIGN2)

Working areas of SIGN-2

In the follow-up project SIGN-2 and in collaboration with scientific and industrial partners, German water technologies and management concepts are further developed and adapted to Chinese requirements. The aim is to create a holistic overview of the water cycle from the source to the consumer.

Based on the previous activities in China, particularly as part of SIGN, the follow-up project SIGN-2 addresses the following topics in the German-Chinese collaboration for clean drinking water from the source to the consumer:

  • Process understanding of the pollutant dynamics in Lake Taihu caused by mixing processes between the water and sediment that are typical of shallow lakes (lake)
  • Production of clean drinking water with innovative tight membranes and sensors for process control as well as optimised – in terms of water quality and energy efficiency – treatment chains (treatment)
  • Preservation of drinking water quality during distribution with integrated software-based infrastructure management (distribution)
  • Practical demonstration and further education in the two focus regions: Lake Taihu and the greater Beijing area
  • Market launch of German products on the Chinese market (market)

By taking a holistic overview of the water cycle (water quality, raw water quality, drinking water treatment and distribution), the research project achieves a sustainable development. The presence and the marketability of the industrial partners is also strengthened.


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