Digital tools for sustainable asset management (DigiTools)

Sustainable management of water supply facilities and systems

Image: Scott Graham on Unsplash

Ageing infrastructures and changing framework conditions pose a major challenge for sustainable asset management. Digital tools developed for asset management can make a valuable contribution here.

Against the backdrop of ageing infrastructures and changing framework conditions, maintaining the value of water supply facilities and systems in a sustainable manner is a major challenge. This requires modern methods and technologies, with digitalisation playing an important role. However, there are often knowledge deficits or the industry lacks transparency about the currently diverse landscape of possible applications and their potential for asset management. The proposed research project is intended to provide a structured overview of digital tools for asset management, taking into account the availability and distribution of the products as well as already successful applications.

Within the framework of a deficit analysis to identify gaps, the definition of target images for asset management in water supply companies will be carried out with the participation of experts and water suppliers. Based on this, a focussed market research is carried out, the results of which are then mirrored again with the operators, compared with the practical perspective and jointly evaluated.

Objectives of the project

The aim is to provide a structured overview of digital tools for asset management. The availability and dissemination of the products as well as already successful applications will be taken into account. The research questions to be answered in this context are:

  • Which technologies/digital tools are available to water utilities for asset management in the field of water harvesting, treatment and supply?
  • How are the requirements defined for the identified tools?
  • Do positive examples of use exist that can support the development of an overview?
  • What potential uses can be expected for the water industry, taking future developments into account?