DVGW Cloud TRINK-HelpDESK – Feasibility study

Concept design of TRINK-HelpDESK

TRINK-HelpDESK will designed as a working and communication platform that supports the daily operations in waterworks and the exchange of experiences within the drinking water sector. This feasibility study discusses opportunities as well as risks and outlines the design and technical implementation.

TRINK-HelpDESK is designed as a working and communication platform initiated by the water supply companies. The cloud solution is intended to support the daily operations of water supply companies and the exchange of experiences within the public water supply. TRINK-HelpDESK should consist of several modules, with each module containing separate content-related topics. Water utilities can choose their areas of interest and focus on modules that meet their needs. In terms of software development and data management, the modules are in principle independent, but are managed via a central IT platform. The modular design allows flexible expansion and adaptation to the future needs of water supply companies.

TRINK-HelpDESK follows a scientific and technical approach right from the start and offers technically well-founded solutions for waterworks operation. When setting up TRINK-HelpDESK, the scientific and technical background for the content must first be designed and adapted for cloud solutions. This makes TRINK-HelpDESK demanding and requires appropriate technical and software solutions.

The feasibility study resulting from the project assesses the feasibility of the TRINK-HelpDESK, outlines possible solutions and analyzes risks.