DVGW Innovations Scouting Water (SCOUT)

TechLIFT - A series of events where water suppliers, manufacturers and independent experts discuss the application potential of innovative technical developments in water supply

The SCOUT project identified innovative technical trends and specific solutions for a broader group of water supply companies to optimize the operation in waterworks.

An essential part of the DVGW research strategy is the systematic survey and evaluation of innovative developments and current trends. A precondition for the technology assessment is an interest-neutral and scientific competent screening of technology providers on the world market. However, innovation-specific advantages and disadvantages when used under the real conditions of the water supply in Germany must be taken into account. Such a screening (or scouting) was implemented in the SCOUT project.

The project based on requests of water supply companies provided in personal interviews to determine the search area. Three key areas of matching interests of various water suppliers were identified: (1) non-destructive inspection methods for pipelines, (2) sensors for online monitoring of chemical and microbiological parameters, and (3) national and international disposal strategies for water treatment residues. Specific solutions were developed for each of the key issues. For example, an actual market overview was given in a study for water quality sensors. Future trends as well as risks by unrealistic expectations in practice were addressed, too. Selected sensor products were presented to visitors at the IFAT fair in 2022. This was realized by the new established "TechLIFT" format. Presentations and discussions were conducted jointly by experts from the DVGW and the manufacturers.

The project contains suggestions to conduct future scouting activities and provides information on updating the DVGW research strategy 2025.