Development of energy-efficient UV lamp technologies (Eco-UV)

Developed lamp in action during the technical inspection at TZW. Built into TZW test reactor

Along with partners from industry and science, researches in the Eco-UV project aim to develop an innovative UV lamp technology for the energy-efficient disinfection of drinking water and the treatment of process waters.

In a pioneering research project, development work is focused on ultra-efficient, non-mercury UV plasma lamps, which are integrated in UV reactor systems for industrial and disinfection applications.

The new lamps and reactor systems undergo extensive type testing as well as a life cycle assessment to demonstrate the improved efficiency over conventional mercury vapour lamps. Large-scale use in practice is supported by a monitoring programme.

TZW’s role in the joint research project lies essentially in the following work:

  • Analysis of national and international testing standards and to develop a test method tailored to this project.
  • Investigation of the developed lamps for electrooptical and technical characteristics in the lab and test reactors.
  • Investigation of the disinfection efficacy of UV reactors with the newly developed lamps based on the US American regulation (EPA: UV Disinfection Guidance Manual taking into account the combined variable approach).
  • Comprehensive investigation into the inactivation of microorganisms (bacteria, spores and phages) or decomposition of environmentally relevant substances and micropollutants such as microplastics, TFA and acesulfame.


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