Hydrophysical process for the elimination of microorganisms in water (Hydro-Kavtec)

Cavitation is an innovative water treatment technology based on physical principles and does not require the addition of chemical substances. Within the scope of an AiF project, the microbiological cleaning performance of a new cavitation system is evaluated.

For the treatment of water, there is a need for a process technology which, on the one hand, meets the high hygienic requirements and, on the other hand, treats the typical waters and quantities in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Within the Hydro-Kavtec project, a hydrophysical process based on cavitation effects is applied. The company Steinhardt GmbH will develop a technology that works with a high capacity regarding the cavitation effect at low energy input.

The TZW is examines the microbiological parameters. In a first step microbiological parameters are determined, which allow to determine the performance of hydrophysical treatment treatment processes. Based on the microbiological data obtained, the reactor systems are systematically optimised by the project partner Steinhardt GmbH. In addition, the use of flow cytometry as a fast monitoring method for inactivation of health-related water micro-organisms by cavitation treatment is developed.