Innovative UV-LED applications for sustainable water management (InLEDapp)

Field test of the validated UV LED system in a water supply station in Japan (Images: Dr. Kumiko Oguma, The University of Tokio)

Public water supply as well as agriculture and industry are in urgent need of innovative solutions to use water more efficiently. Innovative approaches and the use of novel technologies explored in this project have the potential to be evaluated and brought to market quickly and efficiently, while addressing the needs of end users.

The project "Innovative UV-LED applications to drinking water and wastewater treatment systems for sustainable water management in future communities (InLEDapp)" aims to demonstrate the applicability of the highly innovative and sustainable UV-LED technology for chemical-free and efficient water treatment (drinking water/wastewater) and to compare it with conventional treatment processes.  

As part of InLEDapp, UV-LED systems from both German and Japanese manufacturers will be operated directly in municipal drinking water and wastewater supplies as well as in industrial applications.

The field tests in Japan are carried out with different waters that differ in their microbiological and organic composition and also the water temperature.

By directly linking the validation results of a brand-new UV LED system under defined laboratory conditions and the subsequent use under real conditions in the field, conclusions can be drawn about the aging behavior of LED systems and the fouling potential of certain waters (combination of water matrix and water temperature).

These findings are transmitted directly to the manufacturers and can be used to identify possible improvements and solutions, e. g. for the

  • Optimization of the thermal management of the UV-LEDs
  • Selection of cleaning procedures and cleaning intervals
  • Assessment and adjustment of practicability and user-friendliness