MetroWaMet – Metrology for Real-World Domestic Water Metering

Current test procedures for domestic water meters are prescribed to be run with well-defined, constant and reproducible reference flow rates. However, actual water consumption deviates strongly from these stationary conditions. This might have an impact on the cumulative uncertainty of meters that is not seen in the present continuous test system. So far there is no clear view on how the various types of domestic water meters actually perform under dynamic load changes as the metrological capabilities for this are missing at present. Furthermore, during the last decades the state of the art of water meters (materials, fabrications, technologies) have progressed and consumer behavior and technical equipment has changed significantly. 
In this project the required metrological infrastructure will be developed. Targeted conditions comprise dynamic load changes, water quality related aspects, and withdrawal of low amounts of water. TZW is mainly involved in experiments focusing on the impact of water quality on water meter performance and the identification and detection of low flows and leakage. 
The project is funded by the European Commission under the umbrella of the EMPIR Initiative (co-funded by the EU HORIZON 2020 program and the EMPIR Member States) and started in June 2018 with a duration of 36 months until May 2021.