Monitoring technology for assessing the condition of shut-off valves (ValveEar)

Integration of acoustic sensors into a valve turning device for monitoring tightness of shut-off valves

Device for the maintenance of shut-off valves in use, product photo: 3S Antriebe GmbH

ValveEar was involved in the further development of a valve maintenance device for the precise assessment of the tightness of shut-off valves. To this end, the recording of torque and speed was expanded to include audiospectroscopic data.

The ValveEar project focussed on the further development of the valve maintenance device (AIG) from 3S Antriebe with the aim of improving the leak testing of control valves in the drinking water distribution network. This was achieved by adding an acoustic sensor from FAST to the AIG. Among other things, the acoustic sensor can be used to record and analyse drinking water flow noises from underground. One focus of the work was the integration of the acoustic sensor into the AIG and its calibration (3S Antriebe). In addition, the performance of the development stages of the device was regularly tested on a specially developed test stand (TZW). As a result, a fully integrated AIG was developed, which records the intensity of the acoustic signal and offers the user the option of listening to the noise during the measurement or recording it with external peripherals.