Trend in peak consumption and peak factors

Annual course of the water discharge of an urban supply area

The design basis for drinking water supply plants is a detailed consideration of the development of peak consumption and peak factors over an extended period. The DVGW research project peak consumption addresses the appraisal of data sets on the peak consumption of > 30 water supply companies to extract correlations between demographics, climate, region and economic development as well as to derive recommended actions for policy definition.

Plants for supplying drinking water are designed based on relevant characteristic values to guarantee the continuous provision of drinking water of high quality, sufficient quantity and adequate pressure. Economic factors also need to be taken into account in dimensioning calculations. The peak consumption or peak factors are relevant when dimensioning plants (DVGW W 410). This is primarily defined by the structure of the supply region and the consumption behaviour of the consumers, which is very often influenced heavily by the weather. In contrast to the average per capita consumption, the relevant design parameters of peak consumption and peak factors have not been studied extensively in the long term, which would provide general statements. The focus of the work programme is on the detailed analysis of long-term data sets on water consumption from > 30 water supply companies. The demographic situation, climate and weather variations as well as the breakdown of customer structure (industry, domestic, agriculture) should be considered. Water suppliers from various regions in Germany and of different sizes and supply structure are included. Overall, the research project aims to adjust the characteristic values for planning purposes. In doing so, individual differentiation and better integration of new aspects such as climate change and demographics shall be considered.


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