Development of valid methods for the detection of resistances (EVA)

Agar diffusion test for detection of multi-resistances

Antibiotic resistance is widespread in surface waters, but does not currently pose a threat to drinking water. Against the background of resource protection and the high communication relevance of the topic, the state of knowledge with regard to the current contamination of the raw water, the temporal development as well as the elimination during treatment should be deepened.

Based on current findings of antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic-resistant genes in surface waters in Germany, an increased discussion of antibiotic-resistant exposure to drinking water is to be expected in the future. Therefore, there is a need for valid detection methods to determine the actual degree of exposure. Within the framework of the EVA project, the current culture methods for the detection of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the PCR-based methods for the detection of antibiotic resistance genes will be further developed and validated. In this way, for example, the overestimation of the situation due to false-positive findings should be avoided. With these modified, innovative microbiological and molecular biological methods, the database is to be expanded with regard to the occurrence of antibiotic resistances in raw water and their behavior in drinking water treatment. The investigations will be carried out in the laboratory as well as in water supply companies that actively support the project. The results of the investigations can expand the data basis on this subject and replace uncertainties in a critical environment by robust scientific findings.


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