Software tool for risk management in drinking water supply (RiskPlus)

Intelligent support for the implementation of the European Drinking Water Directive

Risk management with the RiskPlus software - this will be possible from summer 2024 Image: shutterstock

The amended European Drinking Water Directive requires mandatory risk management in water supply from the catchment area to the domestic installation.

In RiskPlus, TZW and the company Disy Informationssysteme GmbH developed a new web-based software tool that supports all steps of risk management and risk-based sampling planning in a database and GIS-based manner. The methodological basis for this is DIN EN 15 975-2. The project built on the results of the TRUST project, which was also funded by the BMBF.

First, risk management and sampling planning were fully integrated methodically in order to exploit synergies and avoid redundancies. Through partial automation of process steps and intelligent assistance functions, efforts has been reduced and error possibilities minimized. Import options for existing geodata, interfaces to laboratory databases, comprehensive catalogs and templates for hazards and proposed measures, intelligent plausibility and consistency tests as well as automated monitoring of measured values will lead to an overall solution that is both powerful and user-friendly.

In the project, conceptual and technical foundations for intelligent assistance in risk management and for the software integration of risk management and risk-based sampling planning were developed in two methodological work packages under the leadership of the TZW. Two complementary work packages under the leadership of Disy implement the resulting specifications in professional software modules and an integrated overall prototype. This was demonstrated and tested with real sample data from the practice partners and validated with users. A large German water supplier and an engineering firm for drinking water and hygiene technology acted as associated partners.

A prototype for the RiskPlus software was developed as part of the research project. RiskPlus is designed to develop a profound and comprehensive risk management system that meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Catchment Area Ordinance with as little effort as possible. The software also enables optimal collaboration between engineering firms and water suppliers as well as documentation adapted to future requirements for the relevant authorities. The newly developed software will be available on the market from summer 2024. All further information on the RiskPlus software is available on the website (in German).


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