Water Test Network

The EU project Water Test Network is funded as part of the Interreg NWE (North-West Europe) Programme and supports small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to develop marketable products for the water sector. A network of demonstration plants is available in North West Europe to test innovative products. TZW is part of this network as a German test institute.  

The project will support SMEs to develop marketable, needs-based products for the water sector and shorten the time to market.

In the global water sector, large-scale pre-commercial tests are complex and expensive. It can take 15 to 20 years to launch a product on the market. To increase the market opportunities, the Water Test Network will support SMEs from North-West Europe to trial innovative technologies at the advanced development phase (TRL5-8) by creating a transnational network of demonstration plants in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. These represent different water types, environments, and applications.

The SME is offered an integrated support package, which connects the company with the best possible demonstration plant for its respective need, thereby accelerating the validation and commercialisation of products close to market maturity.

The project reduces the market launch time, increases the number of marketable products and supports innovative technologies for the water sector.

Testing 90 new technologies of at least 120 SMEs means that around 30 technologies should achieve market maturity.

A business model will be developed at the end of the project term to continue the collaboration between the partners so that for a fee, SMEs retain access to the network.

SMEs can find further information under EU (Interreg NWE). Within the project a regular newsletter is produced. You can subscribe for this newsletter here.

A webinar was held 26/05/2020 giving an overview on first experiences from SMEs and partners.

Beginning 23/02/2021 a new innovation challenge is running, looking for SMEs with innovative technologies to generate value from brines. For more information click here.


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The volumes of the TZW publications can be ordered here.