Climate change on Lake Constance

The KLIMBO project was the follow-up project to “Bodensee Online” (Lake Constance Online) in which a computerised model was developed of substance transport in Lake Constance. The aim of KLIMBO was to investigate the impact of a changed climate scenario.

Lake Constance as a drinking water reservoir is not unaffected by climate change. Changes in climatic conditions influence the natural processes in the lake. To ensure the continued existing uses it is important to identify and understand the climate-related changes to estimate their impact and to work out the necessary next steps.

The key processes should be identified and reproduced using the hydrodynamic lake model “Bodensee Online” [Lake Constance Online]. The following aspects were considered:

  • Seasonal stratification
  • Regeneration of deep water
  • Temporal and spatial distribution of micropollutants (long-term behaviour)
  • Remobilisation of substances from sediment
  • Development and effects of turbidity flows in the case of extreme events
  • Interaction between the shallow water zone and free water

TZW worked on the sub-project to record the chronological and spatial distribution of a tracer in Lake Constance (depth profiles and shallow water zone) and its leaching behaviour. TZW also contributed to a literature study on the risk assessment and collaborated with project partners to prepare simulation calculations (data provision, evaluation of results).

The aim of the project was to determine preventative measures to protect Lake Constance as a drinking water reservoir. In this respect, the project acted as a model.


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