ZeroPM Symposium on PFAS elimination on 12/13 June 2024 in Rastatt and Karlsruhe

The German Water Centre (TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser), Stadtwerke Rastatt and ZeroPM are pleased to invite all interested stakeholders to a “Special Symposium on PFAS elimination from Drinking Water including a Technology Demonstration”.

ZeroPM is a European research project that will interlink prevention, prioritization and removal strategies to protect the environment and human health from persistent, mobile and toxic substances. The German Water Centre is leading work on removal strategies and is working closely with Stadtwerke Rastatt to provide innovative remediation solutions for the PFAS contaminated water.

The event will take place in Germany in Rastatt and Karlsruhe on the 12th and 13th of June 2024. The event will provide knowledge on how PFAS can be eliminated from drinking water and will include a tour of the water works at Rastatt where the technologies ZeroPM is working on will be showcased.  Guests are invited to listen to presentations, discuss with experts, visit the water works as well as visit the German Water Centre. The event is aimed at a broad set of stakeholders, including, but not exclusive to those working with water remediation, policy makers, academics and water utilities.

The event does not have a registration fee. Conference language is English.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Rastatt and Karlsruhe.

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The ZeroPM Special Symposium is a partner event in the EU Green Week
The EU Green Week this year is related to the topic of water resilience and there are many events and meetings that are being promoted all over Europe. The objective of the EU Green Week is to stimulate a conversation around the topic of water in present and in future, with an emphasis on fostering awareness and promoting positive, collaborative solutions.

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